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hot hot hot Sierpień 15, 2009

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It was so hot today that we stayed inside till 3 pm. doing nothing. well, trying at least. At 10 am the baby decided it’s time to get up and started to jump threw us in the bed. One more reason he shouldn’t be sleeping with us any longer (not because he jumps and I dont like it, because I do, but it could be dangerous, well, it is dangerous as he moves really fast).
Yesterday, after whole day of work (that’s my husband) and telling my husband to work (that’s me) I could load the laundry in the night. I did the white but – as I discovered after – there was a red sock hidden somewhere.
All the baby’s burping cloths are now rose, on of his bodies also, but what’s worst is that M’s 100 km race t-shirt is rose too. I have to figure out a way to bleach it because that t-shirt means a lot for him. He ran for 100 km!



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