A temporary pathological situation

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About Sierpień 4, 2009

I’m still Agnieszka, still wife to M, now mom to Jarema (4,5 yo), B. (2,5) and J (8 months). I went home to Warsaw but now we all live in a Spanish village at the end of the world. I’ve already forgotten about the blog I once was writing but there were kind spammers that reminded me of it. I got rid of the spam and maybe I’ll write something again, just to keep up with English writing and maybe someone would be interested with what I want to write about.
Well, if you like something I say, just leave a comment.
See ya!

that’s the old description for the posts written back in 2009.:
I’m Agnieszka, catholic, wife to M, mom to a 7 months old J, master degree linguistic technology student in Paris, half-swimmer, quart-programmer. Can’t wait to go home wherever it is.

I start sewing, actually I started by sewing my wedding dress: since we had no money and the huge acceptation problems from my family, we decided doing everything we can by ourselves. And we succeeded. I was really prowd of my dress.

Now we try to keep staying there and live with all the problems of french life: if you’re reading this living in the USA, you’d be surprised by the surface the people are having there to live. 25m2 for a couple is a standard. but there’s a lot of strange things about living in Paris. I’ll write about it surely later.



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