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strange days Październik 20, 2009

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it’s been strange these days at our home. Lots of guests, all times meetings and diners, even at our place (the idea I hated because of the shape our appartment is still in (catastrophic!). It ended quite well though.
We were to go to the Country this wednesday, M. to start his company and look for a job to make and the people to do it, and to run a 100km marathon, me to show the baby to everyone and to meet my new adoptive brother I haven’t met yet. But since we have absolutely no money, taking a risk that we go and the work doesn’t appear is a little bit stupid. So we wait until the first telephone from a client to go. Maybe we’ll go.

For now, the baby grows too fast. As for today only, he’s learned to grimp on the sofa and walk around with anything he can reach that could support him. He even tried to move the chair that is near his bed. It’s too much, he’s really starting to be a big boy! Right now he’s destroying a publicity book from some supermarket and he’s having soo much fun with it I don’t want to disturb him. And he (re)discovered the tomato juice. He loves it! But as he’s not used to the bottle, he’s spilling it all around, that’s the worst part of it.

It’s time to bed so I’ll try to make him sleep but I worry it wouldn’t be easy today. Well, we’ll see!



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