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small successes #6 Październik 8, 2009

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small successes

I missed two weeks but here I go again!

1. I moved every single furniture in our bedroom, including the huge dressing I don’t like but my husband does too much. Everything has changed its place and it’s much more comfortable and cosy by now. There will be walls painted in the near future but I didn’t want to wait as it could last a while however

2. I made the appointments for the school and the bank and the company – I start the university year tomorrow and I have a business meeting with a possible partner next month: I have to learn a new complicated to the limit software and think about how it could be changed to fit my (future) clients’ needs, then talk about it with the partner. The first meeting wasn’t so well for my side, but I hope will be better.

3. Cleaned up the dressing (finally!), made laundry and so on and so on. Oh, I promised myself not to mention the laundry as a success comparing to what others have as a laundry amount :). Cleaned the external stores (they’re white again! and made a baby cup out of a t-shirt (my idea!) <a href="„>it’s there.

Go check what other moms did this week!


One Response to “small successes #6”

  1. JJ's Mom Says:

    Great successes! I think laundry is always a success – no matter how much or how little. 🙂 Keep up the great work


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