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small successes #5 Wrzesień 17, 2009

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small successes

And so it’s another thursday.

1. not mine but maybe a bit though: we have a bathroom ready to use. There is the tub and wc installed, and the water heater is working… wow, it feels goooood! I have to admit that the whole renovation thing is tiring and annoying and makes us both angry and impatient, mostly because every time we get to do something, it doesn’t work or breaks or is not well done and we have to waste the day to go back to the store and change it. But for now it works. and we can proceed. Thank God

2. In order to make a house a little bit more pretty even before the end of the renovation, I sewed the curtains finally. It helps already: as our bedroom has a window to the street, we no longer have to close the external plastic window blind – it makes the morning wake ups harder because of the dark.It looks good.

3. I went to write the exam, I wrote it, and I think I wrote it well. I don’t have the answer yet but I hope it will spare me writing the four exams in january (I have to have a good note from all the 4exams’ bloc)

that would be it for the week. there is my first business meeting on monday, hope to write about it as a success next week…

see what other moms did!


2 Responses to “small successes #5”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Good morning! Can you sew some curtains for me, too? I’ve lived here almost a year now, and we still don’t have curtains up. 🙂


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