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A good cheap way for awsome decoration Wrzesień 17, 2009

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I’ve always wanted to have a biiiiig photo on a wall. but: 1: I never could choose one 2: I wasn’t allowed to hang anything on the walls as we’ve rented our appartment earlier 3: it’s expensive to print well and if not, it looks bad.

here’s the solution: a site that makes your photo look as a huge publicity poster and give you the file to print on a home printer: one sheet by one. then you can do with it whatever you want. I think I’ll laminate it and glue on a piece of carton or mdf to make it look a little bit thicker and espace one sheet from another to make it look something like this (but no mang off course, but us w/the baby or just a baby:

it’ll be great!

here’s the page where you can do it



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