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yeah, 17/20 on the exam!!! Wrzesień 13, 2009

Filed under: various — fanofjarema @ 23:48

it’s great to think I’m still able to pass the exam with a high note. If somebody’s doing the first year of master for 3 years, it helps to see a 17, really.
Still, it doesn’t change much. I have to validate the whole block of 4 classes – today was the last exam of the bunch, I hope for the best. If I don’t pass, I have to repass it in january, and the all 3 – I could, but there’s one I passed with a miraculous help from above and I’m not counting for the miracle to repeat… So maybe these 12 results of an analyse in one question wasn’t wrong? let’s hope so.

While I was trying to avoid learning, I’ve made some changes in my 3D model of our flat. There will be some nice stuff there, I found the inspiration on the decoblogs, I can share it with you:



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