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small successes #4 Wrzesień 10, 2009

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small successes

I realized that it’s thursday just by looking at the f&f live (instead of learning), so here it is, the successes fromthe holidays and after.

1. It’s not my success, but the baby’s got his first tooth. We’re so prowd! And another thing: he says mama and tata. First he was saying mama when my husband entered the room but he knows now and he says tata to him and mama to me. We’re looking forward to see what comes next. First steps? From what I see it’s not very far away: he’s already able to walk round his bed hanging with the two hands.

2. I’ve survived the holidays with my parents. I didn’t try to act different just to show them that I’m good (well, maybe a little). There were some things we could get better but at the end, it was realy nice.

3. I went to write the exam. I know it’s maybe not an ordinary success but with the renovation (we still don’t have a normal bathroom ready but there are chances to see it today) and the baby needing me I had a lot of excuses not to learn and not to go. But I went. And I wrote it. There is another one on Friday, we’ll see.

What are your successes this week?


One Response to “small successes #4”

  1. ViolinMama Says:

    GREAT accomplishments. Really proud of you, love all the new baby words, and encouraged in my own daily routine from yours! God Bless!


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