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back home Wrzesień 3, 2009

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So many things I wanted to write and when I finally can, I don’t know what to write about. The most important: we have a TOOTH!!! The first one, actually, a tiny top of it that is visible. Every time my mom called to check up on us before the vacation, she asked if it was there. I once told her that the baby waits to see her to show it and it happened the exact way: once we were there, it came. I wanted to take the picture and this is all I could do:

there was some rain in bretagne, some sun, some ocean, some burned to red skin when the last two combined, some really cold nights, some English neighbors drinking beer all the time and laughing and shouting all nights, the joy of watching the baby play and grow and watching my parents watching the baby play and grow. There’s been also a car-repairing journey and some sightseeing.

and we’re back. we came home with absolutely no money and, miraculously, found a tax refund cheque in the mailbox that nearly saved our life.

i’m not feeling very well today, it can be from not sleeping too much or from pregnancy. I’ll check in the morning. Not that I wouldn’t want to, because if I think of it, I would, but it would mean some complications in our french life however. I mean the studies that already last  too long and the work I’m preparing to start on my own. Hope God knows better what’s best.



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