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backache and joy Sierpień 21, 2009

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I’ll start with the joy: Yesterday after putting the baby to sleep (that’s M.), we sat together everyone with his laptop and – as usual – sat like there forever. Then, the baby comes up. He stands up in his bed, smile at us and says „a”. He continued for about an hour, so happy he could do it and doing the gestures of an orator with his hands. He was tooo cute! And his joy when he was saying his „a”! It made us so prowd of him!

And my backache history started just before. It’s been so hot lately that I slept barely dressed and we had our ventilator on for most of the night. Well, I can’t bend down, I hardly get up from sitting, and I have 5 warming creams for the problems like these and none that I could use breastfeeding. I just have to warm it with the hot-cold gel pack I used cold after the delivery of the baby. Ohhhhh! it hurts!



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