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small successes #3 Sierpień 20, 2009

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small successes1. BABY FALLS ASLEEP BY HIMSELF!!!! youppiii!!
It’s a huge success for this week. It took some time and some mother’s heartache but it’s done, he cries a while when we leave him in his bed but soon he falls asleep. And lately and spontaineously, it’s a papa’s  job to sing to him and to make him sleep. It works very good.

He still wakes up in the middle of the night to eat and he often stays in our bed after because I fall asleep while feeding him but the essential’s done: he doesn’t have to wait for us to go to sleep and we have the late evening for us eventually. Sounds like holiday:)

2. I did the ‚why don’t we have the bathroom done yet‚ drama just once when I could do it every day

3. We went for a big walk togeher on Sunday. It took us whole day to walk to the center of Paris ad stop in some parcs we saw. I love the days like that. And I love Sundays. They’re for the fun.

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One Response to “small successes #3”

  1. ViolinMama Says:

    I’m sorry I’m late reading this (were there two? I just commented below I think – maybe I’m losing it lol!). It’s been one of those „sick kid” weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!


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