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busy day Sierpień 19, 2009

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Wow, it was hot today. I mean hot. you just melted down the minute you walked outside.
but, surprisingly, I did quite well today. bilan:
one big veggies and fruits market shopping
two loads of laundry
four pots of red beet purée for the baby (neither of these closed, though I sterilized them, boiled them and boiled them again – this must be the blédina pots that don’t close second time)
one trip to leroy to buy some pipes connections we didn’t have
one trip to local store for the water (ahhh, water, drink, drink drink! 10×1,5liter – I’m strong!)
one baby with two (!) pots of red beet in the stomach and everywhere else
three cofees (after a night lasting from 3:30am till 10am because of the heat)
one telephone conversation with the bank
2 goodnight songs learned

wow, its not that much that I’ve thought. Still, the temperature and the sleepless first time of the night would justify laziness. And I didn’t give up.
Our bathroom is still not ready, I’d LOVE to take a bath. There is a strong hope that it’d be possible tomorrow. The thing I hate the most about this renovation i s that at 2m2 there is more troubles than in a big house. Everything that you could imagine (and a lot more) happened here. And if nothing happens, you just note that you don’t have one tiny pipe connection that you need to continue. And you go to the store. And it’s getting late. And you’re hungry. And you prepare sth, and you eat, and then it’s too late to do a hole in the wall (the neighbor’s children are sleeping), and you no longer have the strenght to do anything. Or, you know when you start something you wouldn’t finish till morning because something must go wrong.

Well, it’s not so bad, tomorrow is another day, and I hope it’ll be a good one.



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