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kilometres Sierpień 17, 2009

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In my family every sunday and the feasts we went for a walk. I thought it was a good idea and I liked it. I’ve tried this with my husbnd but usually „the walk” is just a few minutes before the mass, because we sleep too much and then we call somebody in Poland and then we eat…
but today we went. It was to be a park in st cloud, a very nice and quite big parc with the fountains and cascades of water, and the forest.
But as our car denied the cooperation, we took a blanket, left the food and walked. we went to Paris, then to the first parc that we saw. It wasn’t big so we searched for another. we got to jardin de plantes, a botanical garden with a little zoo inside too. There are some really beautiful cedars and… kangaroos. the baby was occupied by playing with his hat and I don’t even know if he noticed the kangaroos. I realized I’ve never watched these animals from so close and for so long. It keeps reminding me a huge rat, I never had this feeling.
anyway, we headed afterwards to the center and finally headed to the church but as we were about 10 minutes late, we went home (by subway because my feet had enough). As I can see now on google, we did at least 11 km in a hot hot hot day and my legs hurt but it was worth it. A great day. I hope tomorrow would be also good, fruitful i hope (bathroom!)
for now, good night.



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