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small successes #2 Sierpień 13, 2009

Filed under: small steps — fanofjarema @ 07:58

Since it’s morning in Europe, I’ll be the first to post the list:

1. I made the baby tourist chair. It’s there if you want to copy.


2. I’ve finished my paper work for Albert. It was a 15-minutes work but I knew that when I finally got to do this (it took me a week to make me do this)
3. I’ve finally got to the banks and other great facilities of administration and did what I had to from a long time: all the papers are sent, the adresses are changed (we moved in february:) I’m happy.

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2 Responses to “small successes #2”

  1. ViolinMama Says:

    AWESOME JOB!!!!! God Bless!!!!

  2. Paperwork is something I always put off too. Good for you! 🙂


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