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heartless Sierpień 12, 2009

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I feel bad.

1, because I just read on my twitter that M promised me the bathroom’d be ready 4 days ago. and it’s still not.

2. because I’ve just learned that I won’t get almost 4000 € that I hoped for (the unemployment + starting a business thing)

3. M got some kind of stomach illness and wasn’t able to do anything (well, yes, after he got ready to work at 2pm, he welded 2 pipes that will carry on the tub’s faucet. So there still are some pipes to weld, a whole drain system to do, the tub and the wc to install… it will take ages like this!

I know I’m cruel but I just think if he started a little bit earlier, maybe he’d do some more.

I get a weird feeling that the only person that is not allowed to feel bad is me. It’s not true but I feel this way now. If I’m sick there is nobody to take care of the house and the baby.

I’m down and I’d like to do something, anything, something fun. And something not linked with laundry, dishwashing, making meals or taking care of the baby.I have an idea: a long warm bath with some oatmeal facial mask Rachel linked yesterday on f&flive. One problem: I don’t have a bathroom. So maybe… I’ll do something to eat for the baby and wash the dishes. And then I’ll give the meal to the baby and make sth for us to eat. And then I’ll wash the dishes. And then maybe set the washing machine for the night. That looks like a fun evening.


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