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I made it! Sierpień 11, 2009

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krzeselkoThe baby’s tourist chair: We can take him to our favourite vietnamese restaurant without carrying the trolley with us and avoiding keeping him on our knees (it would be good but he puts his little fingers into our soup).
The thing is quite easy to do, it doesn’t require any special skills, jou just have to keep it solid – you don’t want to worry the baby would fall out of it.
Here’s what I’ve made (I used the material I bought for stores to my windows: I like it very much but M doesn’t, so the stores will be different.)
You can find others, ready-to-print, but it’s really not complicated to draw just like this.
And you’ll need a belt. I used my jeans belt, it happens to be the same colours that the material I used. Coincidence.

Here is the easiest pattern I found.


2 Responses to “I made it!”

  1. Janet Says:

    That is really cute. What a neat idea!

  2. fanofjarema Says:

    thanks, in France it’s quite popular: there’s no space usually and if you go somewhere you don’t necessarily want to carry tones of things.


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