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another hard day Sierpień 10, 2009

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carNo, it’s not that I’m tired of doing something. I’m just tired of what I didn’t do and what I waited for to do (and to be done). Every day I say to myself that something will change, that after that day we’d be one step closer to normal home. And we are, a one tiny step closer.
There is a hope that the hot water will be there soon as the instalation is almost finished (there is always that huge thing of boiler but I’m really hoping it wouldn’t be so bad and long it seems).
It started well, with the information that the money we were waiting for for a while now will come tomorrow to the account. But then, our car decided he could use a vacation just today, the alternator died. So it’s another expense to take. Then we were at the store and our card didn’t work. Probably they’ve blocked it when we had our debit overdrawn. Good that I have a meeting with my bank counsellor tomorrow, hope it goes well.

I’ve realised the last time that I’m jealous of Z. I don’t like that M stays all day at her house when he would be home earlier, I don’t like that I hear about how he’s worried only when I listen to their conversation by the phone. And most of things that I’ve tried to make him swear that he’d start the work in the house earlier than usually, that he promised, and didn’t keep. But once Z called he needed help, he would promise he’d be working from the morning and that about noon he’d be at ther place. I don’t know what to think of it, and I don’t like it. He doesn’t get me serious when we speak. But I have enough having all the people’s problems be more important than ours. I love his „help anyone who needs” side but I would love to be considered sometimes like the one who needs it the most. I think I have the right to expect that. Or maybe I’m wrong and I should take it to the cross and live with it.
One thing I can do right now is pray, maybe this’ll help.
PS. Baby’s sleeping after 3 minutes.



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