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baby sleeps #3 Sierpień 9, 2009

Filed under: jarema — fanofjarema @ 22:36

I really think I’ll be able to add the sleeping time teaching to my small successes this week. Maybe I’ll call it BIG successes? It takes less and less time for him to fall asleep, I keep him in our bed when I feed him in the night and when I fall asleep with him, but the most important part is done, we have finally some time to talk and to be together. Only we don’t talk and be, we just sit with our laptops writing.. something’s wrong, we argue too much.
My parents sent me the dates and exact places where they will be – I think we’ll join them in Bretagne, after I have the exams at the university, I should start learning by the way.
I should get going to sleep, in the US it’s afternoon, but here is half past midnight.



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