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sleeping time #2 Sierpień 8, 2009

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It’s the day 2 in teaching the baby how to sleep by himself. It’s 21:46 and he’s already asleep! I figured out one thing: Until now he slept couple of times a day, each time for 1-2 hours, and sometimes he felt asleep even at 19h. No wonder he waited for us to go to bed till 2 in the morning sometimes in the best humour.
I know it’s maybe obvious for the others but I’ve just discovered the baby entered the phase of education. Before it wasn’t possible to tell him: we play now and you go to sleep after. Now it’s slowly starting to be like this.
So, I didn’t let him sleep during the day more than one time today: and it worked! He was sleepy by eight, he got his dinner (zucchini, miam!), the bath and I left him in the bed. He cried for about 7 minutes and suddenly he stopped. When I came to the room some time later I saw he fell asleep while trying to climb a pillow that is in the corner of his bed to protect him from falling and hurting his head.
baby sleeping while climbing
Well, hopefully tomorrow or a day after he will know how to fall asleep by himself and he will cry no more.

Our bathroom still needs too much work it could be done in one day but M did some good job today. Maybe he’d end this week.



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