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being dressed Sierpień 8, 2009

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I always liked watching black african christian women’s clothes. It makes me smile just to look at them in the weekend especially:  The colourful, very worked dresses with the patterns that just shouts, the thing on their heads (the same material obviously) it shows how they care about that it’s Sunday. The little girls that follow them – in the same, miniaturized outfit – and a baby hanging on their back, lovely view.

But the most interesting thing is that they use sometimes the dress as the way of announcing their faith: I’ve seen the „I love Jesus” dresses and I made a photo (not very good quality but it was in the metro and I didn’t want the woman knew I take one) of a dress announcing the Pope’s pilgrimage to one of the african countries (I can’t remember which one now) [EDIT: Cameroon.] Here it is:
photocredit of the upper photo: http://www.kassoumay.com



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