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hard lesson Sierpień 7, 2009

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I’ve decided this is today – we have to start teaching the baby sleeping by himself. In his bed. He’s 7 months old and I think it’s time to start the education. He didn’t like it, it took nearly an hour to persuade him to sleep alone, but it worked. For now at least. I don’t know how the rest of the night will look like but I hope I’ll be strong and leave him in the bed. The worst part of it is even not the cry – I know that it’s for his good and though it hurst, I can stand it. The worst part is him standing up in his bed: when I’m around, I put a blanket behind him so he doesn’t hurt his head to the bed, but if I’m not there, he could hurt himself.
For now he’s sleeping, what I’m afraid of is M returning from work (it’s nearly midnight in France). He might wake him.
I thought maybe we should wait till we could move our bed to the other room but I’m afraid it could last till his 1st birthday in the way. Considering that this renovation last already for 7 months, I don’t know when it’ll end.
Oh, and one more thing: M didn’t make anything in the house today. We still don’t have the hot water. One thing, he’s got an electric kettle from a friend. But this doesn’t do.
And how am I supposed to be the loving wife when every night I know tomorrow won’t be better?
I would really love believing he’ll do it. Really.



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